Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey lovely readers/visitors/lost people

My boyfriend and I are going to travel to Amsterdam in October!
So my question is... do you have any  recommendations, tips & "must seen" things?

Please give us as much as you have of stuff for a fantastic week in wonderful Amsterdam:)

Food/Sights/Shopping etc.



  1. How nice! Well, since I'm Dutch and a frequent Amsterdam shopper I guess I can help you out!
    For the big stores (H&M, Zara, Mango etc) you should visit the Kalverstraat, where you can also find Monki. More interesting are 'de Negen straatjes', the nine streets, where lots of vintage shops (Episode, Zipper, Laura Dolls)and more exclusive stores (COS, Filippa K and many more) are situated. At the Rozengracht there is a cute store called Kitsch Kitchen with all kinds of silly, kitsch, stuff.

    For the expensive 'window shopping' shops you need to pay a visit to the PC Hooftstraat where stores like Burberry and 7forallmankind are situated.

    Things you could do in Amsterdam are a boattrip to the Amsterdam canals. And pay a visit to Madame Tussauds (pose between celebrities, hehe). Amsterdam's 'Central Park' is called the Vondelpark. At the Damrak you find the 'sexmuseum', which is good for a laugh (sitting on a giant penis for example, hehe) :P

    Have fun!



    1. Oh and I heard Weekday just opened at the Rokin. Waterlooplein must also be great for shopping by the way. Want to go for a night out? Try Leidseplein.

    2. Rowan!
      Thank you so so much!
      Those things sounds so exciting, I can't wait :D!
      I've listed everything in my little travel notice book!
      You really helped me.
      Thank you lovely Rowan :)

  2. pretty photo! Have fun! xx


  3. hi!!

    i dont know how i came about this post but i'd love to help!

    to start off, some neighborhoods/streets you MUST visit:
    Utrechtsestraat. Awesome stores like Centre Neuf and Cowboys 2 Catwalk (for guys) as well as yummy restaurants like Moustache bar and Cafe Nero (Spanish tapas)
    Noordermarkt. There is a vintage market every Monday but other than that there are some really cute cafe's and stores as well!
    Negen straatjes. Super cute stores as well as cafes such as Bar 22 and 't Wolfje. Store wise my favorites are Acne and Rika as well as Zipper, Laura Dolls and Episode vintage.

    also check out these restaurants/bars:
    WOO bros
    Wilde Zwijnen
    Chicago Social Club (my favorite place for going out)

    And if you need a place to stay, has a great location and great amenities!


    1. Carmen!
      Thank you so so much:)
      What I really like is, that you gave me names of specific stores, restaurants etc. :)
      I'll write them all in my "to visit" notebook!
      Thanks for your effort to help us :)